Here We StartApril 1, 2014

Here We Start – Awarded The UAE’s Digital Publisher Entrepreneurs

First of all, we are very proud to announce that Sail has won the UAE’s “Young Digital Publishing Entrepreneur Award” for the year 2014 from the British Council. The judging criteria were one of the toughest we’ve gone through between the awards we’ve previously applied to, and it went in depth in our digital publishing

Lost in ReverieApril 1, 2014

To My Teenage Readers

Article in brief: The author writes to her teenage readers, expressing how being a teenager feels like and

Mental PonderingApril 1, 2014

The Behavior Cycle

How are feelings towards a situation created? Do thoughts provoke feelings and behaviors towards situations or do situations dictate feelings and behaviors?

Out of CopyrightApril 1, 2014

Awake During Surgery: “Am I In Hell?”

Article in brief: The author discusses a phenomenon called “Anesthesia awareness”. Some patients undergo surgery, however, with no prior warning can wake up during it and be traumatized either emotionally or physically for the long term.    “All I could say to anyone was, ‘I was awake! I was awake!’ “. Those were the words

To A Better TomorrowApril 1, 2014

Take A Look and Reveal The Lies

Article in brief: The subconscious part of our minds control everything occurring to us involuntarily. When someone hides

Here We StartMarch 1, 2014

Here We Start – 4th Anniversary!

We are marking our 4th year anniversary today! I can’t believe it’s been this long already! We have grown in so many ways; we have matured in content, grown in team structure, grown in team number and many more. I’ve learned some lessons in those 4 years that I’d like to humbly share 4 of

Habillez-MoiMarch 1, 2014

Where Do They All Go And Why?

Article in brief: The author observes the issue of designers leaving their labels The news that shook the fashion

Hidden PromisesMarch 1, 2014

Inequality Of The Disorders

Article in brief: Women and men have been suffering from inequality for years. In this article the writer talks

Joie de VivreMarch 1, 2014

Relationships à la mode; Love Prevails

Article in brief: The writer presents interesting survey results that challenge the traditional ideology of relationships. Preface: This

Lost in ReverieMarch 1, 2014

Overcoming A Writer’s Block

Article in brief: The author shares ways to overcome an illness us writer’s suffer from, a writer’s block.

Mental PonderingMarch 1, 2014

Autopilot OFF 2

Article in brief: How does a person turn the “Autopilot” mode off? Are there things that can help

Notes of The NightMarch 1, 2014

Sweet Smart

Article in brief: the author discusses the importance of kindness. It is quite possible that not all cunning people

Out of CopyrightMarch 1, 2014

A Letter To My Teenage Self

Article in brief: the author shares a letter to her teenage self. Adults tell us that life gets better,

To The PointMarch 1, 2014

Say Good or Be Silent

Article in brief: Mohammed Kazim speaks of his experience of impulsive feedback. He walks the reader through 3 steps